Ah, Barbados - a haven home to idyllic beaches, colourful carnivals and sensational sunsets. From enjoying mouth-watering Barbadian cuisine to exploring exotic gardens, find the best things to do in Barbados with our handy Barbados travel guide. Get ready to inhale the salty sea air, and wave goodbye to your stresses. Kick back on the beach or head out snorkelling and discover the wildlife. Our Barbados travel guide powered by social media has you covered for ideas for things to do whatever your holiday style.

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The  Cliff  Terrace  Sunset 01

Fine Dining and Barbados Experiences - The Cliff’s owner Brian Ward Tells All

After opening up one of the top restaurants in the world after the media was not representing his hometown correctly, the owner of The Cliff Restaurant, Brian Ward, shares his experiences which led him to build a space which exuberates the spirit of his childhood and that truly represented the romantic side of Barbados clearly.

Trending Travel Guide

The First Travel Guide Curated By Social Media

Island  Safari  G9  Nov 18 1043925 1

Adventure in Barbados - Interview with Island Safari's tour guide, Edwin Harper

Dubbed an adventure you just can't miss. The Tour Guide of the Year - Edwin Harper - takes us on a journey off the beaten track where most tourists haven't explored. Not only does he open up about his entertaining tour but emphasises how cultural and historical elements in Barbados are usually lost and forgotten about to sandy beaches.

Top beaches in Barbados

  1. Carlisle Bay
  2. Accra Beach Christ Church Parish
  3. Bottom Bay Saint Philip Parish
  4. Bath Beach Bathsheba
  5. Soup Bowl Bathsheba

Nick and Dariece

Founders of the travel blog, Goats on the Road

Boardwalk Along The Sea

Heading to the beach - Carlisle Bay Review by Goats on the Road

Discover the guide on how to enjoy Carlise Bay, a small natural harbour located in the southwest region of Barbados with the travel blogger, Goats on the Road. Whether you're interested in slowing down the day with a good book, being active, socialising with the locals or enjoying a locally produced fresh meal, there's something for everyone at Carlisle Bay.

Top activities in Barbados

  1. Welchman Hall Gully
  2. Kensington Oval
  3. Animal Flower Cave
  4. Barbados Wildlife Reserve
  5. St. Nicholas Abbey


Founder of the travel blog, Wanderlust Chloe

Crane  Beach  Barbados  Wanderlust  Chloe  Virgin 12

Soaking up the sun with some rum - Crane Beach review by Wanderlust Chloe

Located on the southeast of the island, Crane Beach is a place of stunning beauty. From the perfect waves for body boarding and beach bar cocktails to gospel brunches and island nightlife - soak up the Barbados spirit and discover why Crane Beach is named world-famous for a reason after browsing the day-guide written by the travel blogger, Wanderlust Chloe.


Founder of the travel blog, An Adventurous World

1  The Main House At St Nicholas Abbey

Discovering the history of Barbados - a review of St Nicholas Abbey by An Adventurous World

Discover St. Nicholas Abbey in Saint Peter Barbados - a sugarcane plantation house, museum and most importantly, a rum distillery (which has no church connection) and experience the most gorgeous views of the island. Find out why it is the best thing to do in Barbados for the travel blogger, An Adventurous World and for the thousands that visit this place every year.

Top nightlife and carnivals in Barbados

  1. Barbados Crop-Over Festival
  2. Barbados Food & Rum Festival
  3. St Lawrence Gap
  4. Barbados Gospelfest
  5. Sol Rally Barbados

Vicky Flipflop

Travel and Festival Blogger at Vickyflipflop

Crane  Beach  Barbados 1

A Barbadian Food Adventure - Oistins Fish Fry Review by VickyFlipFlop

Thinking about what to do in Barbados on a Friday? The travel blogger, Vicky FlipFlop recommends what to experience in a day in Barbados, including the local, iconic island festival - Oistins Fish Fry. This fishing town on the south coast is far from ordinary and one which boasts a vibrant atmosphere and is the hub of activity, especially on Friday nights.

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The First Travel Guide Curated By Social Media

Anies  Jordan In Our Shop

Drink in Barbados - Discovering Barbados with Mount Gay Rum’s Anies Jordan

Rum, the true product of Barbados. Discover Mount Gay's historic origins of the brand with Anies Jordan as she tells all about what the roots of rum mean to the island and how the passed down knowledge from generations has created the perfect drink to enjoy in the lushest setting. As a resident to the island, we are also lucky enough to get a glance at the best secret and hidden places to explore in Barbados.

Top restaurants in Barbados

  1. Bliss Cafe Dover
  2. The Tides Holetown
  3. Shakers Bar & Grill Rockley
  4. The Cliff
  5. Harlequin Restaurant St. Lawrence Gap