Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean - just say it and you can almost hear the splash of the ocean waves and feel the warm sand beneath your toes. But there’s much more to the Caribbean than palm shaded beaches and turquoise waters. Enjoy lush rainforest greenery on a nature trail or behold beautiful waterfalls. Sample Caribbean delicacies, or take a leisurely stroll through markets – there are plenty of incredible things to do in the Caribbean. Discover the best places to visit in the Caribbean with the Virgin Holidays Trending Travel Guide, powered by social media.

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Road  Arikok

An insider’s look into Arikok National Park with Chief Conservation Officer Natasha Silva

Get an insight on how to explore the best-kept secrets of Arikok National Park. Natasha Silva, Director of the Aruba National Park Foundation and Chief Conservation Officer shares her journey of how her interest in animals as a child led her to become not only an academic in cultural anthropology and biology but a hands-on conservationist.

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The First Travel Guide Curated By Social Media

Arc2014  Tim Wright  Chance 4371

Sailing Saint Lucia - An interview with ARC Caribbean Events Manager, Peta Cozier

It is more than just a boat race, the ARC is a fleet of approximately 200 boats which start their Atlantic adventure sailing directly to Saint Lucia. The Caribbean Events Manager, Peta Cozier, opens up about what it means to him when the community of sailors join from all corners of the globe to take part in an extreme race which most don't dare to endure.

Top beaches in Caribbean Islands

  1. Palm Beach
  2. Grace Bay Beach
  3. Eagle Beach
  4. Long Bay Beach
  5. Bavaro Beach


Founder of the travel blog, Keep Calm and Travel

Bahamas 2

A pink paradise? Bahamas Pink Beach review by Keep Calm and Travel

Pink Sands Beach located on Harbour Island in The Bahamas gets it's hues thanks to crushed shells, creatures and coral that mix with the native granules. This three-mile beach is known as one of the most picturesque pink sand beaches in the world. Take a quick trip from Nassau to Harbour Island and discover if it really is that pink with travel blogger, Keep Calm and Travel.

Top experiences in Caribbean Islands

  1. Palm Island
  2. Port Elizabeth
  3. Rose Hall Great House
  4. Blue Lagoon Island
  5. Emancipation Park


Founder of the travel blog, Rum Shop Ryan

Grace  Bay  Palms  Beach  Bar

Pretty Providenciales - Grace Bay Beach review by RumShopRyan

The paradise of Turks and Caicos - Grace Bay Beach is tucked away in the Caribbean and boasts electric blue waters and softest white sand you're likely to come across. From jet skis to beach bars - discover why the travel blogger, RumShopRyan, just cannot get enough of this pristine beach, even after travelling around the Caribbean islands.

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The First Travel Guide Curated By Social Media

Dji 0405 1

Running the Grenadines’ Funkiest Bar with Dodgy Dock’s Magdalena Fielden

From a family-run business which survived the threat of Hurricane Ivan to the stories of how it was rebuilt to become one of the Grenadines most iconic social spots. The owner of True Blue Bay Boutique Resort, Magdalena Fielden, gives us an insight into how the tasty dishes, freshly made cocktails and Caribbean music by the seafront makes Dodgy Dock a unique and treasured part of the island.

Top nightlife and carnivals in Caribbean Islands

  1. The Bahamas International Film Festival
  2. Atlantic Rally for Cruisers
  3. Zest at Wymara Resort and Villas
  4. Jamaica Carnival - Bacchanal
  5. J’Ouvert (St Vincent and the Grenadines)


Founder of the travel blog, Wanderlusters

Charli  Moore  Wanderlusters  St  Kitts And  Nevis

An insider’s guide to St. Kitts - Review of Turtle Beach by Wanderlusters

Get the inside review from the blogger who lived in the island’s most picturesque coastal area, Turtle Beach. For anyone seeking a break from the manic island life and want the ideal day itinerary to match, packed with foodie recommendations and historic sites, browse through the perfectly crafted day-guide and tips on what you need to book in advance to explore this Caribbean paradise perfectly.

Lucy Dodsworth

Founder of the travel blog, On the Luce

St Lucia Waterfall

Discover St Lucia - Toraille Waterfall review by On The Luce

From showering in the Toraille Waterfall deep inside the jungle and eating local food in the largest open-air market in the capital to experiencing the world's only drive-in volcano and chocolate tasting in the sunny cocoa groves of Saint Lucia's oldest estate - St. Lucia is bursting in cultural, foodie and scenic sights. So, go beyond the beach and discover what to do in St. Lucia brought to you by the travel blogger, On The Luce.

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Chef And Christian

An Authentic St Lucian Dinner - Farm to Table Experiences with Dasheene's Chef and Manager

Experience the 'farm to table' service on the UNESCO site at Dasheene in Ladera, St Lucia - what is considered as a world-class restaurant. From furniture made by their craftsmen right onsite, food produced onsite or sourced from local farmers to fish caught on the day - discover what it takes to be a global conscience and luxurious eatery with Executive Chef Nigel and General Manager Christian.

Top restaurants in Caribbean Islands

  1. Grenada Aquarium
  2. Dune
  3. Magnolia Wine Bar
  4. Sun Ra
  5. Sip Sip