Imagine waking up and rolling out of your comfy hotel bed, throwing open the curtains, and walking into a postcard style beachscape. That might sound like a lot of fluffy tourism marketing speak, but in the case of Grace Bay Beach, it’s all reality.

As seasoned Caribbean travel bloggers, my beautiful mermaid wife and I have been to many of the islands and few can measure up to the magnetic blue waters and powder white sand of Grace Bay. It’s almost like the water is plugged into an electrical outlet and it’s being backlit by some crazy big light. Seriously, how does it glow like that?!

The Perfect Pathway

Let’s get to know the place a little better. Grace Bay Beach is located in the Turks and Caicos, on the island of Providenciales (locally known as Provo). It’s a three and a half mile stretch of sand that’s lined with some of the best hotels and resorts. The crystal clear waters are made calm by a barrier reef about a mile offshore. Love watersports? Jump on a jetski or go for a parasail and get a bird’s eye view of the famous bay. Love to snorkel? Sorry, you’re out of luck. Grace Bay is free of rocks or any reef structure that’s within close distance of the beach. The large barrier reef does offer excellent snorkeling and diving, though you will need to book a charter boat or tour to get you out that far.

A view to remember

Now that you know the cold hard facts about Grace Bay Beach, let me give you a personal tour of what we found during our visit. One of the first things I like to do when investigating a new island is belly up to a casual beach bar. You can learn a lot talking with locals over rum drinks!

The first beach bar we found was right on the sand at The Palms Turks and Caicos and goes by the name of Ozmosis. Fancy name, but super casual, and super small! Good things sometimes come in small packages.

We sat there gazing out at the blazing blue waters and sipped on the local Turks Head Lager. Eating and drinking with local helps you to get a taste for a place. As our eyes bounced around the scene, we felt the calm vibes of Grace Bay start to wash over us. Some people were reading books in beach chairs, some were splashing in the waves, and some were walking down the beach, exploring what treasures await around the next bend.

To make a perfect scene even better, the bartender told us about the local Fish Fry party that was happening the next day down the beach. He said the weekly party is a mix of locals and visitors that all gather for fresh food, good drink and live music. How can you pass up an invitation like that? We went, and it was incredible! Travel pro-tip; chat with the local bartenders for the best info! Doing so and following their advice can give you unforgettable memories to take back home with you.

It was time to move on and get to know Grace Bay a little better. We finished our drinks and said goodbye to our new beach friends, and set off for a walk down the sand. We were set to have dinner that night at the Beach House Resort and thought we would walk down the beach to take a look at the place during the daylight hours.

Not a bad place for a relaxing stroll

We chatted, we took photos, we walked with our feet in the waves and quickly started to fall in love with Grace Bay. Once in awhile you visit a place where you stop, look around, and say, “WOW, I can’t believe I’m here.” It really is one of those “pinch me” type of places. It’s easy to see why Grace Bay Beach is consistently ranked as one of the top beaches in the world.

The Beach House Resort was stunning. Small in size (when compared to the Beaches Resort we passed during the walk) but overflowing with island charm. We were looking forward to our dinner even more now. But with food on our minds, we set off down the beach once again in search of lunch.

Sitting right on the sand is the open air and casual Somewhere Cafe. After brushing the Grace Bay sand off our toes we cozied up to the bar and dived into the menu. Fish Tacos, fresh conch, quesadillas, chicken sandwiches–it was a mix of Mexican, bbq, and local seafood. We again sat back and let the scene relax our salty souls. This became a consistent theme over the next few days.

The perfect 'Somewhere' to be!

The Caribbean is full of blue water vistas, charming people and “must see” beaches. Having traveled the islands extensively as travel bloggers, I can say confidently that there’s just something different about the water and vibes of Grace Bay Beach. It’s hard to nail down just what it is. Is it the soft white sand? Is it the undeniable feeling of relaxation you get? Or is it the electric blue water? Whatever it is, it’s not marketing speak, it really should be.

About the author

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