Pink Beach is a small paradise spot in the Bahamas that has become even more famous thanks to the hundreds of pictures shared on social media.

But… is it really as beautiful as the photos would suggest?

Keep reading, because I was able to spend a whole week by the beach and I can give you useful tips so you can be prepared before your visit.

But first things first, where is Pink Beach located?

Honestly? I didn’t even know of the existence of this fabulous beach until I started looking for something similar to Italy’s Budelli pink island located in my homeland Sardinia. I found when I kept searching for a pink beach, the Bahamas kept popping up so I just had to pay a visit!

Bahamas Pink Beach is located in the lovely Harbour Island and it is definitely worth a visit and I’ll tell you why and how below.

How do you get to Pink Beach?

A super easy trip from Nassau to Harbour Island.

Nassau is where most people land via direct flights from the US (especially Florida) and Mexico. From Nassau it is rather easy to get a cheap ferry to take you across to Harbour Island, one of the true gems of the Bahamas.

Once there, no matter where you decide to stay, you’ll be able to easily walk to Pink Beach in 10-15 minutes, or you can rent a golf car, a very popular mode of transport on the island.

Taking in the view of Pink Beach in the Bahamas

Are the Instagram pictures reliable and is the beach really that pink?

I was very intrigued. Was this Pink Beach truly better than the one we had in Sardinia?

From the photos it seemed to be the ultimate dream beach, truly beautiful (and for me to admit that is huge because Sardinia is well known for having some of the best beaches in the world so I’m very picky when it comes to rating beaches).

So, it is pink or not?!

Stay until sunset to better appreciate the pink colour of the sand. You won’t see the sun disappearing over the horizon but the colors are amazing.

I’ll cut to the chase. Pink beach is nothing short of JAW-DROPPING. Period.

A massive strip of fine sand that expands for kilometers, with a very subtle pink shade and a sea so turquoise that the contrast with the colour of the beach left me speechless for a moment.

My verdict: the beach, depending on the light and especially when it gets darker, shows its pink nuances. But if you stumble upon an instagram super pink coloured photo, that’s totally heavily filtered. Don’t expect a super pink beach, just enjoy its beauty!

Tips to make the most out of Pink Beach

1) Should you rent an umbrella and chairs?

You’ll find chairs, beach umbrellas and infinity pools at Resorts by Pink Beach.

I’m usually totally against beaches where you can rent the umbrellas. I’m more of a wild beach lover, but Pink Beach is different.

First of all, the size and length of the beach is so massive that even on a busy day, you’ll feel like you have the beach to yourself!

You won’t meet crowds of tourists, and the people staying at the exclusive resorts facing the beach usually prefer to use the chairs provided by the facility, so you will barely see any tourists around.

Most of the beach is free, but if you go towards the north side, where the famous Pink Sand Beach Resort (and many others) are located, you’ll find a place where you can rent your umbrella and chairs.

2) Where to take fabulous panoramic pictures of the beach?

High-up angles from resorts give the best Instagramable pictures

In my experience, panoramic shots of Pink Beach were the best from the resorts. As resorts are usually overlooking the beach from the hill it provides the perfect location for the perfect photo! If you are unable to visit the resorts, I recommend travellers on a budget to buy a drink at one of the restaurants or bars and to get those amazing shots!

3) Ride a horse on Pink beach

If lounging on the beach all day is not your thing, Pink Beach offers a few activities to try, including horse riding on the shore at sunset. An unforgettable experience on a semi-deserted incredible beach!

Other activities include surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing. Due to its location and length, the beach can get pretty windy and even though the sea is usually quite calm, it can create some big waves that will make every surfer happy and every clumsy girl a bit more clumsy!

A word of advice:

Be careful of the waves, even the smallest ones, you’ll be tempted to jump and play in the water (totally OK of course) just pay extra attention because they might be a bit stronger than you think.

Jump on the shore to avoid the strength of the waves

Unexpected encounters on Pink Beach!

Being such a famous spot with many secluded resorts, Pink Beach is one of the favourite spots amongst international jetsetters, and you might stumble upon famous actors, sports personalities and even find yourself in the middle of a commercial without knowing it!

Yes, that’s what happened to me, I was strolling along the beach when I saw two models and a crew of photographers and videographers shooting a bikini commercial.

This, and so many more experiences await you in the fabulous “semi-pink” beach in Harbour Island in the lovely Bahamas, so enjoy it to the fullest! It deserves to be explored for at least a couple of days as a minimum, but I would have stayed there FOREVER!

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