How We Created The Trending Travel Guide

To date, we've analysed over 25 MILLION social media posts in order to bring you the very best things to do in your favourite holiday destinations around the world.

To do this, we crawled hundreds of top online travel publishers and created unique profiles for each destination. These profiles make up the top four reasons people travel thousands of miles, from all over the world just to be there – think food, nightlife, shopping, attractions, theme parks, beaches, casinos etc.

Within these categories, we identified a large sample of the most discussed places and set up social media monitoring for all their related handles and hashtags. We then identified volumes of conversations on social media for each – with care being taken to filter out negative reviews, sarcastic comments and unrelated chatter of course.

With data from over 600,000 platforms and websites, we are then left with the definitive list of the most popular and active places on social media for each destination.

Everyday, our monitors automatically update with data from the previous 24 hours, so we can see how the social landscape in each location is changing. As companies become more socially savvy and engage with their customer’s conversations, add new features, events, menus or experiences you'll be able to see their ranking rise as more social media users interact and share their stories online.

About the Data

We’ve partnered with the world’s leading social listening platform, Crimson Hexagon, to ensure we have the most accurate data available.

The data collected and analysed by Crimson Hexagon consists only of publicly available data. This means that anyone can manually access and find that data by themselves i.e. if an account is set to private, it’s not part of our dataset.

It also means that we know these places are popular because the social media users discussing them want the whole world to know!

The platform offers instant access to a massive repository of consumer conversations and opinions from a wide range of global sources dating back to 2008. This makes Crimson Hexagon the world’s largest repository of public social data ,with unlimited access to over one trillion posts.

Can We Add New Places?

Simply put. Yes!

If you think your business should be included in our travel guide, or maybe you found somewhere amazing on holiday that you want people to know about and should be included within out list, let us know and we can investigate.

All we’ll need is:

  • A few high-resolution images that sum up the vibe of the place
  • A list of all the social media handles/hashtags for that location
  • A 50-75 word blurb about what makes that place so popular

We'll then set our bots to work and find out the size of its social footprint. Suitable applicants will then be added to the guide and officially (according to us anyway) become one of the top places to visit in their destination.