"To say there's something for everyone is a huge understatement."

Kristine Reynolds, Property Manager at the Downtown Container Park

It's essential for any city to encourage creativity and provide a place for new and upcoming businesses to grow and thrive. But, what if you could provide that space within a startup community that also encourages self expression, includes bottomless boozy brunches, lightsaber battles and freestyle jazz? We spoke to Kristine Reynolds, Property Manager at the Downtown Container Park about doing exactly that.

TTG: Tell us about your day to day role at The Downtown Container Park.

KR: My day-to-day role consists of running operations at the Container Park. Depending on the day of the week, I may have to attend meetings with the executives of Downtown Project, community partners, vendors, tenants, and staff. I also make sure that our events that are held in Container Park run smoothly. Each day is different so I have to stay on my toes!

TTG: What exactly is The Downtown Container Park and how did it get its name?

KR: The Downtown Container Park is an open-air shopping centre filled with boutique retail shops, unique restaurants, and live entertainment for the whole family. We got our name from using repurposed shipping containers and Xtreme cubes to build our park.

TTG: Do you have any personal favourites from the entertainment and food options available at the park?

KR: My personal favourite is our Jazz in the Park event that we have on the last Sunday of every month. We have a different band every month and it brings a fun vibe to the park that appeals to both the adults and kids. My favourite place to eat is at Downtown Terrace for their Tracy Wrap. It features cumin-seasoned steak, romaine lettuce, cucumber and a three-cheese fondue!

TTG: What makes the Downtown Container Park such a great destination for families and how do you ensure you keep adults as well as children of all ages entertained?

KR: We offer a monthly event for adults which is either a beer festival or wine tasting event and for the children, we have a “kids camp”. The beer or wine tasting events feature five different bars with various beer or wine selections and are themed. In the past, this has included a Valentine’s Day wine walk and an St. Patrick’s Day beer bash...did I mention the events are bottomless?

Our monthly kids camp has different activities where children can play games, do crafts and enjoy snacks. We also host an art fest called Second Sunday in association with ISI group (street art curators in the community) with various crafters, artists and performers.

TTG: What can visitors expect when visiting the shopping area of Downtown Container Park? What makes this different to a regular shopping mall?

Visitors can expect to shop at stores that are truly unique. We’re different from a regular shopping mall because we don’t have chain stores. We’re an incubation platform for small businesses to launch their brand to new customers.

For those after food and drink, we have craft whiskey cocktails at Oak + Ivy, bottomless boozy brunch at Downtown Terrace, fresh vegan fare at Simply Pure and some of the best beef jerky on the west coast at JoJo’s jerky. We also offer unique shopping experiences such as LAYOP, an apparel company that encourages everyone to “live at your own pace” as well as vintage garment finds at Vintage NV.

We also have our Lucky Little Chapel for those small ceremonies, “I do’s”, and finally there’s our resident tattoo artist King Ruck at Black Spade Tattoo (located in our caboose). To say there is something for everyone at Container Park is a grand understatement.

"All of downtown comes alive with an energy that is indescribable."

- Kristine Reynolds

TTG: Are there any entertainment performances or shows that are fan favourites at the park?

One of our fan favourites is our Chinese New Year after party. The Chinese New Year parade is held every year and it ends right outside the entrance of Downtown Container Park. We have hundreds of people that come to see the live entertainment that day. The May the Fourth event is also a fan favourite. It is the Star Wars celebration day. We have meet and greets with Storm Troopers and the Society of Lightsaber duellists from UNLV, our local university, perform a show for us.

TTG: Are there any upcoming events or experiences in 2018 that you are particularly looking forward to?

KR: I look forward to the Life is Beautiful Festival every year. This annual music festival encapsulates the Fremont East corridor, including Container Park. Unlike most festivals that take place in event fields, Life is Beautiful takes place right in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. So in addition to top musical performers and curated art, you can go into record stores, bookstores, Container Park and shop or enjoy a seated meal, cocktails and attend speaking seminars. This year will be the festival’s sixth year. We’re just within the main entrance of the festival and all of downtown comes alive with an energy that is indescribable. It is really a fun time.

TTG: Las Vegas has such a huge variety of family attractions, what makes the Downtown Container Park stand out from the other attractions available?

KR: Container Park stands out from other attractions because we don’t have an admission fee. You can plan to hang out for an hour or a few hours with your friends or your family. It’s a great place to sit and people watch or be more active by playing in the Treehouse play area.

TTG: What advice would give someone who is visiting Las Vegas for the very first time, what would you tell him or her to see/do/eat?

KR: The advice I would give to a first time visitor is venture off the strip and head to Downtown Las Vegas. We have everything from unique shopping at local boutiques to craft cocktails at Oak + Ivy to indulgent eats at Downtown Terrace or Bin 702. Our neighbourhood is filled with some of the best food, bars and small businesses in the city!